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Hello Hypotheek can arrange your mortgage for sometimes half of the fee compared to other mortgage brokers.

How? While some of our colleagues insist on making a detailed financial advice report for you, this is in fact only required in certain occasions. We at Hello Hypotheek think skipping unnecessary paperwork saves a lot of time and money. If you wish, we can always provide you with the additional services, but you always know what you pay for.

Aside from that, we noticed that numerous customers already know exactly what they want, they just need someone to get it done. Again: why should we charge people for doing our job?

In the end it's the result that counts: enabling you to buy that new home with the best mortgage conditions and rate that suit your wishes. That's our job. 


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At your request, we may do work for you that isn't listed above. For this, our hourly rate of € 128, excluding VAT, applies. No VAT is payable on most services. Should VAT be due, our rate is € 154,88 per hour. In addition, some money providers charge additional costs. Of course, we will first decide with you what the costs will be. 

Should you and/or your partner be entrepreneur, then a supplement of € 488 applies. The reason for this is that banks request additional calculations to see if the entrepreneurial income fits the requested loan.