expats in holland


Staying longer than you think? Decided to live in Holland and buy a Dutch place of your own, instead of renting?

Opportunities and advantages

The Dutch housing market is flourishing, especially around the big cities. Buying a home is therefore not only a way to settle and blend in with us Dutchies, but can also be a good investment. Did you know that being an expat might even provide you with fiscal advantages over locals and possibly higher funding?

Expats, the Dutch way...

HelloHypotheek has ample experience with all the aspects and specifics of getting your Dutch home financed, for expats, EU-nationals or otherwise. Unlike some other mortgage brokers, we do not label expat cases as complex. That's why we can charge up to 50% less (See our pricing and package options here) for getting you the same mortgage. Also, we always look beyond the usual set of premium mortgage providers for expats, just to find you the best rates and terms that fit your personal situation.


We provide all our services in English and can guide you and -if applicable- your partner through the whole process.


Want to know more, or just get some starter tips on preparing to buy your Dutch home?

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